What is the Best Way to Disinfect  a Church?

The disinfecting of churches is essential as it they are public places and many people gather at one time. Infections can spread in a fraction of seconds among the people if the area is not disinfected properly. Not only should churches should be disinfected, but public places such as libraries, banks, and many such places should be disinfected as well. With the help of fogging equipment such as ULV fogger (Ultra Low Volume fogger), churches and other large gathering areas can be disinfected efficiently and effectively between visits in public gatherings to reduce the spread of COVID-19. These high output foggers produce a low volume disinfectant mist with adjustable aerosol microns, which provide an even coating of environmentally friendly solution. The ULV fogger covers large open spaces quickly and because the disinfectant is a no-wipe, no-rinse, ready-to-use solution it is easy, fast and effective. Reducing cleaning time and the amount of disinfectant required for these large spaces.

How to Disinfect a Church Pew?

Church pews, door handles, and furniture should be disinfected consistently to avoid infections from spreading from the surface to the individual and then from individual to another individual. With the help of disinfection devices such as ULV Foggers, we can disinfect the surface of the pews very easily without the need to use wipes or bleach.

ULV cold foggers help in disinfecting in a short period of time, have better coverage even in open spaces, and fogging is less costly compared to traditional disinfecting and allows for less disinfectant to be used. When using the proper disinfectant, there is no need to rinse the area or wipe it as it dries on its own. No PPE is required, fogging causes no harm to the environment, and is safe for people to be gathered within minutes of fogging.

ULV disinfectant helps in saving time and energy and can be used not only on the surfaces but can be used for disinfecting the atmosphere itself, killing the pathogens that are airborne resulting in a completely safe environment.

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How to Disinfect a Church Sanctuary

It is imperative to disinfect the entire church sanctuary including all furniture, floors, doorknobs, light switches, piano, organ, communion table, the pulpit, and atmosphere. All these areas can be disinfected using foggers quickly, as they can cover a vast and open area and all surfaces. The church sanctuary should be cleaned not only for the people visiting there but also for the staff's safety.

All these areas and sanctuaries should be cleaned regularly and on a consistent basis to provide peace of mind for the congregation. Make sure before opening the church for people, you have enough hand sanitizers for all and establish and start a cleaning and disinfecting schedule, including the sanctuary, restrooms, and the other rooms after each service day.

Best Practices to Clean and Disinfect Churches

The best practice to clean the church will be to use the best product, the right product, and ensure all the areas are appropriately disinfected. Identify the main doors with which people have direct access, ask people to sanitize their hands before entering the church, have their sanitizers with them, and sanitize their hands before entering the church, have their sanitizers with them, and sanitize their hands before leaving the church.

The personnel responsible for cleaning should wear a mask and gloves too during the process. The spaces that are occupied daily should be disinfected and cleaned nicely. Materials that are being used by the pastors should be cleaned and disinfected as well. Other cleaning materials like sponges, rags should be washed every day with hot water and should be dried under the highest heat.

A church is a close area where people gather and worship and is a place where they sit or stand very close, so the chances of getting infected from someone else is high. First, we should make sure all are pews, doors, and everything is cleaned and disinfected to avoid such issues. Following the instructions and the norms, it can be easier to control the spread of infections among the people. What are you waiting for? It's time to give us a call and order the ULV cold fogger to use for disinfecting everything. The best products can give you the best results, and when it comes to safety, ULV Foggers do it best.

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