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With mask mandates officially over, the nicer spring weather, and people more willing to get out there and resume their normal lives, these days businesses may be tempted to relax their disinfecting and sanitizing measures to save a few bucks on products and labour, and hope for the best. However, that may not be the greatest idea and this article will explain why, while also providing our top recommendations for commercial sanitizing services in Southwestern Ontario and more specifically in the city of London, Ontario.

Southwestern Ontario Commercial Sanitizing Services

If the past two years taught us anything, pandemic or not, it was that increased personal hygiene and optimized disinfection and sanitization of spaces go a long way to prevent allergies, diseases, and hospital-associated infections. On top of that, there's a series of benefits that you probably never even thought about, but you should definitely keep in mind when investing in commercial sanitizing services, especially if you happen to be in the city of London, Ontario or anywhere else in Southwestern Ontario. Let's discuss them in detail:

Fewer Allergies

Even though people tend to think that all allergy flare-ups are related to seasonal allergies, the truth is that most episodes are caused by indoor dust and bacteria build-up. That's why consistent disinfecting and sanitizing in commercial settings is essential to keep protect staff from developing potential allergies. And if you think having an air purifier installed in your business should do the trick, you must know that these devices cannot work in the best way unless you are consistently disinfecting and sanitizing your spaces to eliminate bacteria build-up in the first place.

Stronger Immune System

Our immune system is vital to fight off all kinds of viruses, from simple colds to Covid-19, but there's only so much it can do without a little help from our environment. That's when hiring commercial sanitizing services saves the day. Having a professional company disinfect and sanitize your facilities can make all the difference in the health of your employees, which then will be less likely to call in sick as often. It's a win-win for sure.

Germ-free Spaces

Obviously, the main benefit of commercial sanitizing services and commercial disinfecting is eliminating germs such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi. And considering how germs can cause allergies and are surprisingly dangerous to the human immune system, eliminating them to prevent them from making us sick and spreading to others should be a top priority in every business setting, especially in the case of businesses with a high number of employees and customers constantly walking in and out and touching all surfaces.

Improved Odour

Nothing is more inviting than a good smell as soon as you walk through a pair of business doors. Good smells tell you that the business cares about its facilities, keeping them clean and disinfected. However, odours happen. People tend to think that odours are the result of keeping garbage inside too long, but in reality, germs are the culprits. Bacteria build-up causes spaces to develop odours that can only be eliminated with consistent disinfection and sanitization of spaces. That's why hiring commercial sanitizing services is a great solution for businesses to get rid of unwanted odours for good.  


Finally, we all know that disinfecting and sanitizing by hand is hard work and takes a long time, which makes it hard for people to do it as well as they should or with the necessary consistency to get better results. This is another point in favour of commercial sanitizing services, as hiring a professional company to handle all disinfection and sanitization activities for your business guarantees that your spaces will the treated with professional equipment, hospital-grade disinfectants, and the efficiency and speed that you need to keep your business up and running without interruptions.


About our Company: Disinfect & Fog

When looking for commercial sanitizing services in Southwestern Ontario, consider Disinfect & Fog, a disinfecting company based in London, Ontario, that offers commercial disinfection and fogging services across the region. Our company is known for helping businesses protect their staff and customers by keeping their facilities germ-free and healthy for all.

Our company also specializes in office, industrial, and residential disinfecting, as well as fogging equipment, including electrostatic sprayers and thermal foggers. All of our commercial disinfecting services are provided by dedicated and problem-solving experts who always recommend the most cost-effective and efficient disinfecting products and techniques, helping your business obtain all the benefits mentioned in this article and more.

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