Essential Summer Cottage Cleaning Tips

This summer, you might be spending lots of time at the cottage, enjoying nature, playing fun games, and having a really good time with family and friends. However, in the back of your mind, you're probably still a bit concerned about making sure the place is perfectly germ-free and safe for all, especially if you rent it out sometime. The good news is (yes, we have great news) that you don't have to fill your car with cleaning supplies and bulky items when all you have to do to get your peace of mind back is to follow these essential summer cottage cleaning tips!

Essential Summer Cottage Cleaning Tips

In the previous article, we talked about Best Summer Cleaning Tips, and now We have five essential cleaning tips for you to keep your cottage perfectly clean this summer. Let's get right into it:

Identify All High-Touch Surfaces

Nothing brings more pesky germs into your house than hands! Yes, your kids little hands after playing in the mud, for instance, can become the source of many bacteria, viruses, and parasites. So, after making sure your kids wash their hands properly, don't waste any time and give all the high-touch surfaces in your house a good spray, including tables, counters, doors, floors, and more.

Recommended product: Ultra-Lyte Hard Surface Cleaner

Keep your Family Clean and Safe

Another way to keep your family safe and clean is to provide them with high-quality products for their personal hygiene. Think about it. Do you truly believe that our floral hand soap is the best option for your family? We don't think so. They need something more effective against germs, but just as gentle to their skin. Something that soothes and refreshes them, and we have the right product for that.

Our recommendation: EnviroNize® Anolyte Cleansing Wash Airless Pump

Let Fresh Air In

After months of closure, your cottage may be filled with stale air that won't do your respiratory system any good. This is why you need to let fresh air in as soon as you get there, and allow unpolluted air to do what it does best, refresh your home and everything in it. Now, if you want to help things out, you could definitely enlist the assistance of a dry fogger, which is a device that disinfects all kinds of surfaces but also treats the air, thanks to the fine fog of disinfectant it generates.

Recommended product: Mini Thermal Fogger

Clean and Degrease your Kitchen Appliances

If there's one thing that you are likely to be doing during your stay at the cottage is cooking, a lot of cooking. How can you make it easier for yourself? Simple! By keeping indoors and outdoors kitchens germ and grease-free, especially if you want to keep pests (and wild animals) away. I'm talking stoves, BBQs, and all kinds of grills. These items need to be properly cleaned after each use, which is something you can easily do with the right products and techniques.

Recommended product: EnviroNize® Catholyte Degreaser

A Fogger Is your Best Friend

Did you know that a fogger is all you need to keep your space in perfect condition in more than one way? Well, yes! Foggers are multi-use devices that are not only effective for disinfecting surfaces... they are also perfect for pest control, weed control, and much more. In fact, foggers are among the most versatile products on the market, which makes these devices such a good investment for your everyday life. You can learn more about this topic in our recent article titled "5 Uses For A Fogger."

Recommended product: Cordless ULV Atomizer

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