Pros and Cons of Using Air Cleaners at Home

It’s unquestionable, breathing cleaner air leads to an improvement in our overall quality of life. This is the reason why so many people are choosing to invest in air cleaners for their homes, especially now that everybody is spending much more time indoors, whether it is working from home or looking after their children. Plus, families also appreciate how air cleaners decrease allergens, germs, and contaminants in the air, but also control the spread of COVID-19.

If you too are considering an air cleaner for disinfecting the air for your family, this article is a must-read. Here are the pros and cons of using air cleaners at home.

Pros of Using Air Cleaners at Home

Some people may not believe this, but experts assure that the levels of air pollutants tend to be two to five times higher indoors than outdoors. What this means is that the air inside anyone’s house or office is likely to be much more polluted than the air we breathe on the streets, despite dust, dirt, and smoke generated by vehicles and cigarettes. The reason behind this is that many indoor spaces are poorly ventilated and have increased levels of humidity, which ultimately leads to a dangerous concentration of pollutants right where people spend most of their time.

Air cleaners are great tools to solve this issue and start experiencing the benefits of cleaner air. These devices use different methods for disinfecting the air, reducing pollutants, and allowing people to breathe much better. These are the most relevant pros of using air cleaners at home:

Improvement of indoor air quality (IAQ)

Air cleaners are known to significantly improve indoor air quality, which results in many health benefits for those who spend time in a particular space. This improvement can be easily measured by testing the air using air quality monitors or simply testing for mould in the air.

Reduction of respiratory affections

Properly disinfecting the air in a space can dramatically reduce the likelihood of people to suffer from asthma episodes, allergies, shortness of breath, sinus congestion, and other respiratory problems. The reason behind this is that poor air quality makes it difficult for the lungs to function properly, but once the air is cleaner, these affections start to disappear.

Less fatigue and depression

Experts are finding more and more evidence of the relation between polluted air and depression, fatigue, headaches, and even dizziness. Therefore, improving the indoor air quality in a space can help alleviate these symptoms and conditions in most people.

Control the spread of viruses, including COVID-19

Disinfecting the air implies killing all viruses and airborne contaminants in a particular space. So, considering that some viruses (including the one that causes COVID-19) are known to spread through droplets and aerosols in enclosed spaces, air cleaners are very effective to control their spread.

Disinfection of surfaces

Not all air cleaners offer this added benefit, but the models we offer at Disinfect and Fog, such as The Atmosphere and The Breeze, are able to disinfect all hard and soft surfaces on top of functioning as effective air filtration devices, thus offering complete disinfection of spaces.

Cons of Using Air Cleaners at Home

Like everything in life, air cleaners have pros and cons, depending on the type of device, their level of performance, and other factors. And on that note, here are the cons of using certain air cleaners at home:

Chemical residues  

Some air cleaners use chemicals to disinfect the air, but these methods tend to leave residues behind that can do more harm than good. However, some models, like The Atmosphere, The Breeze, and the AirBender, use only all-natural elements to deliver results.

Environmental footprint

Some air cleaners are not environmentally sustainable, as their operations leave behind a negative environmental footprint. However, not all air cleaners do this. Our models, for instance, are considered eco-friendly thanks to their exclusive use of natural elements to achieve complete disinfection of spaces without negative impacts on the environment.

Questionable air cleaning methods

Some methods for disinfecting the air are not backed by science, however, some others like our very own The Atmosphere, The Breeze, and the AirBender were developed in association with leading third-party labs to ensure the use of their technologies is safe for all.

Recurring costs

Certain cleaners, like HEPA purifiers, require significant upkeep as their filters need to be replaced regularly to guarantee decent results. Also, people who live in areas that are more polluted than others need to replace filters more often, which means these systems are much more costly than others if we add up energy costs to the mix.

In closing, there are many pros and cons to using air cleaners at home, but choosing a multifunctional, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective air cleaner like the ones we offer at Disinfect & Fog can practically eliminate all the const, leaving families with plenty of benefits, starting with better respiratory health and overall wellbeing.

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