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Family Disinfecting Package - Cordless ULV Atomizer

$ 329.95 CAD

Get your hands on our Family Disinfecting Package, which includes a Cordless ULV Atomizer, 5 SaniGO Bands, 2 Mini Nano Sanitizer Sprayers, and 8 litres (2.1 gallons) of Ultra-Lyte disinfectant!

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Family Disinfecting Package - Cordless ULV Atomizer

The all-in-one disinfecting package!

$ 375.00 CAD
$ 329.95 CAD
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The perfect disinfecting bundle to keep your family safe at home and on-the-go!

Package includes:

Value of $375!

The Cordless ULV Atomizer is a great household fogging device that requires no power outlet. Disinfect anywhere, even the car!

The SaniGO Sanitizer Wrist Bands can be used by the whole family for on-the-go sanitizing. Strap the band to your wrist like a watch and never again have to worry about being without hand sanitizer! Colours included: White, Black, Red, Purple, and Blue.

The Mini Nano Sanitizer Sprayers are also great on-the-go devices to spray down anything that needs a quick sanitize including phones, doorknobs, elevator buttons, and more!

Ultra-Lyte disinfectant is a clinically proven, all-natural spray-on sanitizer/disinfectant. It is DIN and EPA Certified and approved by Health Canada to kill COVID-19. Use it in both the Mini Thermal Fogger and the Mini Nano Sanitizer Sprayers.

Want to get this package with the Mini Thermal Fogger instead? CLICK HERE

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