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Heavy Duty ULV Fogger Extra Flush Tank

Extend your Heavy Duty ULV Fogger disinfecting time!

$ 699.95 CAD
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Extra tank specifically designed for the Heavy Duty ULV Fogger. It doubles the device's disinfection capacity, saving users time and effort. It is ideal for large tasks, like disinfecting spaces that exceed 2500 square feet, such as department stores, entertainment centers, shopping malls, hospitals, and more.

Additionally, this tank serves as a flush tank to clean the Heavy Duty ULV Fogger, which is necessary because, depending on the disinfectant solution you use, some particles from the liquid may get stuck inside the nozzle, decreasing the device's performance over time.

To avoid this from happening, you can use a flush tank to clear these particles and help the fogger operate at its full capacity. For better results, the flush tank must be utilized immediately after each use.


  1. Fill the flush tank with hot water.
  2. Run the ULV fogger for at least 30 seconds.
  3. Remove the flush tank, place back the regular tank, and store device.
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Within 5 business days from London, ON, to anywhere in North America.

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quick delivery

Within 5 business days from London, ON, to anywhere in North America.

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90-day warranty

Covers mechanical product issues, except mishandling and water damage.  

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