Why Commercial Cleaning Services Should Include Disinfection and Fogging Treatments

Long gone are the days when cleaning a commercial setting just meant dusting furniture, mopping floors. and vacuuming carpets. The pandemic has proved that commercial cleaning services should not only get rid of visible dirt and debris but also eliminate pathogens and contaminants with the potential to spread diseases, such as the virus that causes COVID-19 and its variants. In fact, disinfection and fogging treatments can be considered essential steps in any cleaning job to guarantee reliable and long-lasting results.

It should be noted that, even though cleaning and disinfecting are completely different concepts, people tend to confuse them and use them interchangeably. Unfortunately, this misunderstanding contributes to the spread of germs, especially in public spaces, as people assume that clean-looking surfaces are also disinfected and sanitized when in reality it is not always the case. This is the main reason why commercial cleaning services should include disinfection and fogging treatments, to help control the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Commercial Cleaning Services Vs. Disinfection and Fogging

Traditional commercial cleaning services are focused on removing dirt, dust, crumbs, and germs from objects and surfaces. The process also includes using some kind of detergent mixed with water to physically clean off these items and surfaces. This process doesn't eliminate contaminants, but it does reduce their numbers, effectively decreasing the risk of infection.

Meanwhile, disinfection and fogging services are dedicated specifically to eliminating contaminants and pathogens using disinfectant products formulated to kill bacteria, viruses, and mould. These products are fogged onto objects, surfaces, and spaces, covering them with ease thanks to the microscopic size of the particles in the "fog" or mist.

The key to disinfection and fogging treatments is to comply with the four C’s, which are chemistry, concentration, contact time, and coverage. This means that disinfecting and fogging with products that are chemically effective, in the right concentration and for the recommended contact time (always check the product's label), while also ensuring good coverage, will always give excellent results.

The biggest takeaway here is that both cleaning and disinfecting surfaces are the best possible actions to lower the risk of spreading infection. Cleaning alone won't do it. Therefore, business owners must make sure that any commercial cleaning service they hire knows this. Moreover, they should consider booking disinfection and fogging service, as this is the best bet to properly complete any cleaning process.

Complement Any Commercial Cleaning Services With Disinfect & Fog

At Disinfect & Fog, we offer products and services to complement any commercial cleaning service you hire. Our team of experts can work with you to figure out the best approach for your situation. Our goal is to help you get your business, not only visibly clean but also deep clean and germ-free, after having eliminated 99% of contaminants and pathogens from surfaces and spaces through proper disinfection and fogging.

These are some of our top-selling disinfection and fogging products for commercial settings:

Disinfecto Electrostatic Sprayer. A handheld sprayer that offers excellent coverage, as well as deep disinfecting and sanitizing power. This device generates mainly fog, which makes it perfect to use on almost all commercial surfaces, porous and non-porous. It's especially popular in restaurants, bars, stores, and other high-traffic facilities.

Nano Atomizer. Perfect for spaces that need quick and easy disinfecting, with no rinsing. It works by producing a dry fog that disinfects on contact without leaving residues, which is why this device is highly sought after by hair salons, barbers, dental offices, medical clinics, and many other businesses.

Electric Mist Unit. Mobile disinfecting system for larger businesses like shopping malls, sporting facilities, schools, and industrial settings. It comes with 4 wheels, a handheld misting wand for controlled application of disinfectant over critical surfaces, an onboard air compressor, a 15-gallon see-through tank, and a quick-change pump.

Wall-Mounted Fog System. Ideal for high-traffic spaces that require constant disinfection, like food preparation areas and public washrooms. ‍It features a single shot timer with delay and a quick-change pump, for easier operation. This is one of our most recent devices and it has quickly gained popularity.

Contact us today to book a meeting with one of our disinfection experts - They will show you these and other products from our portfolio, which are known to be among the most innovative disinfection devices on the market. Plus, you'll get information about our environmentally friendly disinfectants, our Commercial Disinfecting Packages, and our disinfection and sanitization services.

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