How to Choose the Best Home Sanitizing Company for You

These days, it looks like every couple of months there's a new and more transmissible COVID-19 variant to look out for, which is why having a clean and truly germ-free home is a must for all families. Given this context, you've probably considered hiring a home sanitizing company once or twice since the pandemic started, as professional disinfection and sanitization of residential spaces is one of the best actions you can take against the virus and other contaminants, especially if you've had people over or contractors working around your house.

Now, we know that some people find it hard to make a decision when it comes to booking any service. Some struggle with sticking to their budgets and others feel overwhelmed by the numerous options they see on the market. Sounds familiar? Then don't let this happen to you when it comes to home disinfection, and instead keep reading to learn how to choose the best home sanitizing company for you and your loved ones.

What should you look for in a Home Sanitizing Company?

You've probably heard of several home sanitizing companies in your city, and your first impulse was to go with whichever offers the lowest cost per service, even though they may not have the highest quality equipment or products. We're here to tell you that saving money is great, but not in all cases. Home sanitizing, for instance, is an investment in your family's health and you shouldn't try to cut costs on it.

There are several things you should look for when choosing a home sanitizing company, such as:


Home sanitization companies use professional equipment for the job, including sprayers, foggers, and air filters.  When researching a particular company, check their website to see what they work with and look for them on YouTube or social media. Oftentimes companies post good content of their work, where you can see their equipment and staff in action, which is always helpful. Keep in mind that high-quality and professional equipment increases the chances of a company delivering a high level of service.


It is important that the home sanitization company you choose uses the right disinfection products for every area of your home, as well as hard and soft surfaces. Another tip is to consider those that use environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic products that won't cause you or any member of your family (including the furry ones!) to get sick or develop allergies being exposed to harsh chemicals.

Customer Service

Choose companies with a reputation for offering exceptional customer service. This means going for companies that are known to go above and beyond to resolve any problem their clients might encounter quickly and as hassle-free as possible. This is vital for a good client-provider relationship.

Experience and references. A good company will be able to provide you with references from its clients or at least evidence of successful past services. Also, don't be afraid to ask questions and request certain guarantees. After all, you can't open the doors of your home to anyone without doing your due diligence.

How to Choose the Best Home Sanitizing Company for You

When looking for the best home sanitizing company for you and your family, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with information after sorting through numerous websites, getting multiple quotes, and speaking with several customer service agents. This is a process that can take several days, maybe even weeks, which adds to the stress. To avoid all of that, we recommend you follow these three simple steps to select a home sanitizing company that could work best for your particular needs.

1. Assess your space

Look around your house. What's the square footage? How many rooms does it have? How well ventilated is your home? How much furniture do you have? Are there many hard-to-reach areas? Which are your high traffic areas and high touch surfaces? These are some of the questions you need to have answers to in order to determine the type of home sanitizing service you need, so work on that first.

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2.  Shortlist companies that offer the services you need

Now it's time to do your research. Select 3-4 companies within your city or region that offer the services you need. Take into consideration that many of them offer commercial sanitization, but not all have experience with home sanitization, as these services require more attention to detail, care, and the use of non-toxic products that are safe to spray around people, pets, and plants. Next, determine your budget and requests quotes. This would be a good time to ask final questions, make special requests, and express any concerns you may have.

3. Check reviews and recommendations to make your final choice

Finally, look up reviews of your top 2 companies. You can also check for case studies and feedback from friends or colleagues that have used these services in the past. Just keep in mind that your final choice shouldn't be made based on one single aspect, like cost, but based on a combination of things like expertise, services offered, verifiable reliability, value, and past reviews.

Home Sanitizing Companies in Southwestern Ontario

If you live in Southwestern Ontario, we recommend our very own services as a home sanitizing company. At Disinfect & Fog we work with integrity, passion, and professionalism to provide solutions for our clients. Our main focus is helping them maintain a safe and healthy environment where they reside and where they work too.

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Our company specializes in commercial and residential disinfecting using innovative fogging equipment and products. In addition to that, we supply disinfectants approved by health authorities to be used in home environments and personal automobiles thanks to their non-toxic formulas and ability to provide maximum protection from pathogens and allergens.  

Our promise is to provide an exceptional experience to our clients and to help them during this difficult time, so call us to speak with one of our disinfection experts about how we can assist you to meet your home sanitization goals.

Call us at 1-855-561-4512 or email us at You can also get a free quote for our services and products by filling out a simple form right here on our website.

Thank you for reading. Stay safe!

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