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Training Videos

To help you setup and/or troubleshoot your disinfectant device, we have put together some disinfection training videos to help.

Nano Atomizer

Heavy Duty Fogger

Big Blue Fogger

Portable Fogger

Hurricane Fogger

SaniGO Sanitizer Wrist Band


Cordless ULV Atomizer

Mini Thermal Fogger

Product Manuals

Digital copies of our product manuals.

Disinfectant Information

Information about Environize Anolyte, Vital Oxide, and Ultra-Lyte disinfectants.

COVID-19 Increased Disinfecting Protocols

This information is for you to show to your clients and customers to let them know that you are taking the extra steps to keep everyone as safe as possible. Included are both print and digital files to use in emails, inside your business, or on the door of your business.

Digital & Print Files

Fundraising Package

If your company or organization is interested in doing fundraising, we have put together a SaniGO Sanitizer Wrist Band fundraising package.

Fundraising Package

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