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Neighbourhood Pet Clinic

About The Client

The team at Neighbourhood Pet Clinic understands that going to the veterinarian can be scary for everyone involved, so they strive to make every visit "like a walk in the park" for all their visitors. Their two locations, grooming, and mobile services were designed to meet each pet's need to feel safe, secure, and appreciated like any member of the family. The Neighbourhood Pet Clinic team believes that reducing stress for everyone during each visit is vital for providing the best possible care. This helps each little one live a healthier and happier life, while their parents can relax, knowing their furry family member is being cared for by a team who loves them (almost) as much as they do.

The challenge

Many families rely on their local veterinary clinic as their furry family member's grocery store, pharmacy, and go-to for medical care. As such, while in the first COVID-19 lockdown, veterinary services were deemed essential. While Neighbourhood Pet Clinic was relieved they would be able to continue to provide care for their furry friends, it required many major operational shifts to meet each pet's medical, physical, and emotional needs while doing everything possible to prohibit the spread of the virus. The Neighbourhood Pet Clinic team needed to find a way to disinfect their entire clinic, but especially the exam rooms between every visit. This proved to be a difficult task, as fully-booked schedules and increased safety procedures during each appointment left little time to wipe down each and every surface before the next exam began. This did not meet Neighbourhood Pet Clinic's standard of safety, so their Business Director started looking for other solutions.

The Solution

Neighbourhood Pet Clinic's Business Director found James from Disinfect & Fog through LinkedIn. He reached out to see if they could help, and James quickly earned his trust. This was the beginning of what would come to be a strong and important business relationship between the two companies. First, they completely disinfected the entire clinic from top to bottom. Then, they also equipped the Neighbourhood Pet Clinic team with foggers that could reach every surface in an exam room and be dry in time for the next appointment. Their knowledgeable team helped Neighbourhood Pet Clinic find the right equipment for the right applications, including a dry fog suitable for electronic equipment and a wet fog that could keep up with continuous use. Now, their team is confident that they have a solution that not only keeps their team, visitors, and community safe, but is also easy and quick to use. Most importantly, Disinfect & Fog has enabled the Neighbourhood Pet Clinic team to spend less time cleaning and more time with the families and furry friends that need their help.

Watch the video of Neighbourhood Pet Clinic being disinfected by Disinfect & Fog:

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