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I&B | Integrated Building Services

About The Client

I&B | Integrated Building Services (I&B | IBS) was founded by Boris & Ivana Horciak who began working in the commercial cleaning industry in 2005 after moving to Canada from Central Europe. Their strong personal work ethic, attention to detail and dedication to serving their clients helped to build an amazing team of reliable, hardworking Commercial Cleaning Specialists. They have grown to be a leading company with a strong reputation in the western GTA and area for dedicated client service and high-quality standards which have been the pillars of our business from day one. Today, I&B | IBS provides service to a wide range of industries that include commercial properties,  educational institutions,  medical clinics and treatment & development centres.

The challenge

During the beginning of the COVID pandemic in the spring, all I&B | IBS’s buildings were shut down and everyone was unsure what the future would bring. They quickly realized they needed a solution to combat COVID-19 that was fast and effective. Fogging topped their list as the best solution, unfortunately at that time they could not source any foggers because they seemed to be sold out everywhere. So instead they tried using Hydrogen Peroxide which consisted of a laborious process of spraying or wiping all surfaces, waiting to allow it to work and then wiping and drying all surfaces. The time this took was overwhelming and extra staff were needed to complete the process every day. They also found that the Hydrogen Peroxide was discolouring plastics, such as light switches and could not be used on certain surfaces. 

The Solution

I&B | IBS received a call from James and Disinfect & Fog and purchased 3 different types of foggers: the Heavy Duty ULV Fogger, which is great in open spaces like hallways, gyms and staircases; the Portable Fogger, a cordless device that allows them to get to locations without plugging it in; and the Nano Atomizer for use in offices, kitchens and areas that have electronics. The other key component was the disinfectant which is an all-natural solution that works effectively without being hard on the surfaces. It’s easy to use because there’s no mixing or diluting required and it’s safe for clients. With the use of foggers and sprayers, the disinfection time has been greatly reduced. They are able to complete a 1000 square foot area with halls, gym and stairs inside an hour as opposed to 6 hours with the previous process. It also allows for fogging during the day because the disinfectant is non-toxic and wiping up isn’t necessary - just spray and go and it dries in under 10 minutes. 

I&B | IBS’s clients have benefited as well - many of their clients are medical practitioners and therapists who need their locations fogged between patients. This process has allowed them to increase their patient load because I&B | IBS can quickly disinfect between appointments. 

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