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Egg Layer Barn

About The Client

In 2019 alone, Canada produced $4.9 billion worth of poultry and egg products. With over 1,100 egg producers, one can assess that Canadians rely heavily on this business and production activities. A survey conducted in 2018 showed 92% of Canadians say it is important that the eggs they consume come from Canada. With the recent economic downturns due to COVID-19, one can assume that percentage has seen an increase. With that in mind, the focus on the Canadian egg industry has grown tremendously creating a far bigger pressure on perfecting the output.

The challenge

With COVID-19 taking the world by a storm, it was best practice to ensure the proper disinfecting tools and services were used while ensuring cost and time efficiency. However, that’s not the only challenge for Canadian egg producers, as the well-being of their egg layers plays such an important role as well. Canadian supply management has set out standards of procedures such as animal care programs and food safety programs that all approve of the services provided by Disinfect & Fog.

The Solution

The solution was to focus on the use of all-natural products that work effectively, without harming the egg laying hens. That is why Disinfect & Fog was contacted by an egg farmer for the disinfection of two barns prior to bringing the hens in. One was approximately 14,400 square feet in size and the other was just over 9,000 square feet. The Disinfect & Fog team decided two Heavy Duty foggers were the most cost and time efficient while also being a safe choice for the barns, taking roughly four-hours and a little over 12 gallons of disinfectant. The process ensured the coverage of the entire area, including hard-to-reach surfaces and crevices. The client has also taken the process a step further by purchasing a Heavy Duty Starter Kit to ensure the continued health and safety of the egg layers.

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