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Bennett Truck Rentals

About The Client

The Bennett family has been in the automotive business for over 50 years and the rental portion of the business 15 years. They offer a variety of rental vehicles from moving trucks and passenger vans, to specialty vehicles.

The challenge

With COVID-19 looming and the importance for disinfection growing, the Bennett family realized that in order to keep themselves, their employees, and their customers safe, they were going to need to find a way to disinfect their entire fleet of vehicles after each use, while keeping cost and time in mind. Spraying and wiping down the inside of each truck wasn’t going to be ideal, so Bennett Truck Rentals looked to Disinfect & Fog for some help and guidance.

The Solution

Disinfect & Fog had a few things to keep in mind while finding Bennett Truck Rentals the ideal solution: 1) the number of vehicles that needed disinfection, 2) how often they would need disinfection, and 3) the material inside the vehicles. The trucks would need thorough cleaning after each use, so it would be safe for the next user. The Disinfect & Fog team decided that the most cost effective, time efficient, and safe solution would be the handheld Nano Atomizer, a dry, thermal fogger offering large coverage in a short time while protecting any fabric inside the vehicles. Bennett Truck Rentals purchased multiple units of these foggers, along with the recommended disinfectant, and the staff members were trained in how to effectively disinfect their vehicles.

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