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Ultra Dry Max Fogger

Disinfect surfaces and airborne particles faster.
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Looking for a capable disinfectant fogger for large tasks? This is it.
Introducing the Ultra Dry Max Fogger, a reliable and efficient device that offers 100% coverage of surfaces, as well as outstanding airborne disinfection, and fast results with fewer costs.

The new Ultra Dry Max Fogger comes with two 3-feet PVC straight pipes, an on/off continuous 24-hour timer, and temperature/humidity controls. It also includes a gravity fed stand and reservoir container. Utility cart is available if needed.
Overall, the Ultra Dry Max Fogger is a perfectly designed device that allows users to keep spaces properly sanitized and disinfected, even those with moisture-sensitive furniture or equipment, and many hard-to-reach areas and surfaces.

Size: D38 x W28 x H33 cm (fan included)
- Voltage: 110v/220 vTotal power consumption: 240 W
- Disinfectant consumption: 3lph of hospital-grade disinfectant
- Droplet size: 1-5 microns
- Approximate coverage: 700 sq. ft.

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