Why Fogging Works

We use ULV Fogging and Dry Fogging devices. Our fogging system allows a dry-mist to penetrate all areas including all unreachable spaces for total coverage and safety. This method is considered very efficient and safe because it disinfects every surface and object it touches; it also eliminates odours and eliminates mold at the source.  Most importantly, it’s safe and environmentally friendly.

About Us

The Disinfect & Fog team specializes in commercial and residential disinfecting through innovative technical fogging solutions. Our products and equipment are Canadian Government authorized to be used in office and home environments to provide maximum protection from pathogens, allergens and mold.  Our disinfecting fogging system allows for a 99.99% disinfectant using a non-allergenic solution that is fogged to all areas of your facility, home, or automobile - disinfecting all surfaces and hard to reach areas.