At Disinfect & Fog, we know that keeping your business safe for staff and customers is of utmost importance, especially in times like these. That is why we have put together our Commercial Disinfecting Packages, the most convenient and cost-effective disinfecting and sanitizing kits to keep your employees and customers safe and healthy.

To help the businesses of Quinpool, we have created a discount code to ensure that you can get your hands on a disinfecting package without breaking the bank:

Use code QUINPOOL10 at checkout.

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Why Choose Disinfect & Fog

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Outstanding Customer Service

We are dedicated to our clients and are here to provide an exceptional experience, ensuring that any problem you might encounter is resolved as hassle-free as possible.

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Personalized Training

We offer training resources and virtual or in-person (depending on location) training sessions to ensure you feel comfortable with the product(s).

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Top Quality Products

We only offer the best quality products that are safe for anyone to use. All our disinfectants are non-toxic, non-corrosive, and environmentally friendly.

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Why Fogging Works

We use ULV fogger and dry fogger devices. Our disinfectant fogging system allows the disinfectant spray to penetrate all areas including all unreachable spaces for total coverage and safety. This sanitizing method is considered very efficient and safe because it disinfects every surface and object it touches; it also eliminates odours and mold at the source.  Most importantly, it’s safe and environmentally friendly.
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Environmentally Friendly

Our disinfectants are non-toxic, non-corrosive and environmentally friendly. They will not stain clothing or any surfaces touched.

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Prevents Disease

Our disinfectants kill 99.9% of pathogens and prevent a build-up of microbial organisms that spread disease.

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Safe For Everyone

Because we use the most advanced technologies available, our products and processes are safe for people, food, plants, and pets in all business and domestic environments.

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Government Authorized

We supply disinfectants that have been authorized for domestic and commercial use to provide safe and effective protection.

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Quick & Thorough

Fogging is a quick and highly protective process that gets to all locations include those tough to reach areas for maximum surface coverage.

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