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'Big Blue' ULV Fogger

Large capacity and versatile fogger.

If you need a reliable fogger to disinfect your space, consider our 'Big Blue' Fogger. This model is an Ultra Light Volume (ULV) Cold Fogger. ULV Foggers are very effective for the application of disinfectants, pesticides, and for mold and mildew control.

This model provides a high volume of air, however producing adjustable aerosol microns of moisture content, this will provide the user the ability to evenly apply solution to a multitude of surfaces.

Designed for medium to large spaces, including outdoor use, this fogger comes with adjustable output, so that the user can determine how much of the solution is emitted.

The 'Big Blue' Fogger is perfect for offices, bowling alleys, entertainment centres, salons, retail, clinics, and a lot more. If you have over 1500 square feet, this would be a good choice.

Med. to light heavy duty application
- Holds up to 7 litres of disinfectant
- Shoulder strap included
- 120volt, 15 Amp circuit
- Power: 600-1000w (automatically controlled by internal computer intelligent board)
- Coverage 6 - 8 meters
- Weight: 2 - 3 kg. (empty)
- Droplet size: 10 - 150μm (adjustable)

Instead of simply trying to acquire a fogger, and then not know how to use it or acquiring the proper solution to run in it, simply ask us for help. We created Fogger Starter Kits to help first-time users, giving you access to training videos, which teaches all aspects of fogging, everything from unboxing, set-up, adding solution, usage, and maintenance. Let Disinfect & Fog help you decide on the fogging equipment you need.

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